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Non-Religious Weddings (Gay and Straight)

Parenthood Ceremonies
Raising children is probably the most difficult endeavor most of us will engage in during our lifetimes but we have no ritual that helps us prepare ourselves psychologically and spiritually for parenthood. This information will help prospective parents develop a parenting ceremony where they can pledge their commitments to their child-to-be, and publicly announce their readiness for parenthood with their extended family and friends present to witness.
Non-Marriage Joining Ceremonies
The number of people who consider themselves "spiritual but not religious" or Agnostic or Atheist is increasing with each passing decade. If a person feels no religious prompting to get legally married, he/she may decide that marriage, with its many legal ramifications, is not the right option for his/her relationship.
A joining or commitment ceremony may be a better option. A joining ceremony can be an opportunity to celebrate moving your relationship to a deeper level. It can also be a time to celebrate your love with family and friends as witness. This sample ceremony can give you ideas of how to design your own celebration.

Adulthood Rite of Passage
At thirteen, young people begin the stage of young adulthood; age eighteen is the end of young adulthood, and the beginning of full adulthood. This section includes ideas for what it makes sense to include in an adulthood ceremony. Also included are a sample 13-Year-Old and 18-Year-Old Rite of Passage Ceremony, which readers can use as food for thought in designing their own passage to adulthood rituals.
Non-Religious Holidays
Holiday rituals serve a very important function. They allow us to take time to relax, play and celebrate life. Holidays can also serve as a time to redirect our lives to be more in touch with our deepest values and spiritual goals. However, if your religious and political values are at odds with the traditional ones of our culture, you may find that traditional holidays no longer feel appropriate. These writings provide help with creating holiday celebrations that reflect an alternative spiritual framework.

Anniversary Ceremonies
If the idea of a more deep and meaningful anniversary celebration is appealing to you, this sample ceremony will generate ideas you can use for your own personalized ceremony.

Non-Religious Funerals
Designing a non-religious funeral ceremony can sometimes be challenging, if you do not make preparations ahead of time. Knowing what you want and having it all organized, makes it much easier to counter any resistance you may get from religious family members when you inform them you intend to have a non-traditional funeral. The information presented here will assist you in either planning a non-traditional funeral service for a loved one, or making pre-arrangements for your own funeral. Includes:
Two Agnostic Funerals
An Atheist Funeral
Guidelines for Conducting a Funeral Service
Cost Information About Funerals
More than 25 Agnostic Readings for Funerals

How to Get Closer to GOD- Without Going to Church
Helpful information for people who are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with traditional religions. Guidelines for exploring alternative views of God and the universe.

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