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Fun - How to Get More in Your Life

An important component to mental health and happiness

Susan M. Mumm, MA

Download PDF of entire Fun - How To Get More In Your Life
Being in touch with what kinds of leisure-time activities you truly enjoy, and making time in your life to engage in them regularly, is essential to happiness. There is a radiant joy on peoples’ faces when they are engaged in activities they feel passionate about--whether it be a five-year-old or a seventy-five year old. If you have some hobbies that delight your soul, you have something to look forward to when you get to the “me time” part of the week. Knowing how to “play” makes the drudgeries of life bearable.

The sad fact is, these days many Americans lead fun deprived lives. This Leisure Time Questionnaire discusses the various obstacles that prevent people from structuring their lives to include regular, high quality fun, and provides a comprehensive list of “fun” possibilities -- from bungee jumping to quilt making! It will help you generate some ideas and goals for incorporating more fun into your life.



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