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Relationship Compatibility Questionnaire

Factors that affect the quality of a relationship.

Susan M. Mumm, MA

We all dream of finding and maintaining a satisfying and happy relationship. Succeeding at this goal is not luck; success comes from knowing how to recognize and say no to all the Mr. Wrongs and Ms. Wrongs so the right partner can enter your life and your heart. Once you find this person, you need to know how to live in gratitude and appreciation of one another. Use this questionnaire to do an in-depth analysis of your current relationship and make some serious choices. Is it time to tie the knot? Rekindle what was once a great relationship? Let go of someone you know in your heart is not quite the right fit?

This questionnaire can be used in several ways:

  1. As a prelude to relationship/marriage therapy for couples; to help focus on the areas of your relationship that you want to work on in therapy.

  2. As a Self-Help tool for couples, to help you work on your relationship yourselves. Use it to create goals for improving your relationship.

  3. As a tool for individuals for evaluating a current relationship, to determine if you want to continue or end the relationship.

  4. As a tool for individuals to rate various previous relationships and clarify what qualities are most important for a future relationship.

Relationship Compatibility Questionnaire PDF Optimized for Viewing Relationship Compatibility Questionnaire Optimized PDF for printing



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