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Weekly Meal Planning for Reluctant Cooks

Susan M. Mumm, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

The number of reluctant cooks is increasing astronomically. The main cause of this loss of enthusiasm for cooking is the economic pressures that people are dealing with these days. A good number of people are working 50+ hour/week jobs. Many families with children cannot afford to have a full-time homemaker, or even a half-time homemaker. The majority of people these days juggle meal planning and cooking with a very busy work-week of one kind or another. However, eating good tasting, nutritious meals is very important--all the more so if your life routine is grueling. Good food energizes your body and your spirit. Your body can tell the difference between a fresh, well-rounded, home-cooked dinner, and a fast-food sandwich, or a bowl of canned soup. Fresh, healthy balanced meals contain valuable nutrients that will improve your energy level and mental alertness, and decrease the number of days per year you get sick. Cooking delicious, nutritious food for yourself or your family is also an act of love and caring, and nurtures you on a psychological level. Given the many physical and psychological benefits of eating healthy meals, I firmly believe that people need to somehow restructure their lives to fit in regular meal planning and cooking. Here are some ideas about how to do that:

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