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A User Friendly Carb Counting Chart

Susan M. Mumm, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

User Friendly Carb Counting Chart PDF
This Carb Counting Chart is not meant to be a comprehensive list, as there are many carb counting charts available in books and on-line. Rather, I have tried to select what I consider the most common foods, to introduce people to the idea of carb counting.

The reason I have spent countless hours creating this chart, despite the fact that there are so many carb counting books and on-line sites available, is I believe that carbs should, whenever possible, be measured by volume, not weight. No one wants to sit around weighing food. If I tell you a cup of ice cream is X number of carbs, you can easily visualize that. If I give you the carb count by ounces of weight, you have no idea how much ice cream I am talking about.

Even more importantly, the amount of carbs in the dry weight of pasta, rice, rice, beans, etc., is useless!!! What we all need to know is the carb content of foods by volume when they are cooked! I therefore spent a lot of hours boiling up beans, noodles etc, and stuffing them into measuring cups and calculating the carbs. Volume may not be quite as accurate as weight, but it is a lot more useful.

I also have tried to list items in the serving size people typically eat. Let's be real-- no one eats 1/2 cup of ice cream or 3/4 cup of cereal, or two cookies. For instance, ignored the weight in some items i.e., slices of bread. Yes, one brand of bread may actually be lower by ounce in carbs of weight than another brand, but everybody is going to eat the whole slice of bread! So the carb count per slice is most useful. I also think it is easier to just have everything in net carbs, with the fiber content already subtracted out. So all the values listed in this chart are net carbs.

I also listed all the items in two ways, alphabetically, and in ascending order of carb cunt. That way, it is easy to find a particular item in the list, and you can also look at a category of items i.e. fruit and see which items are the lowest in carb.



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