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Gourmet Recipes

Susan M. Mumm, MA

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Gourmet Recipes - Personal Growth Resources

The first gourmet recipe I learned to make was stuffed artichokes. They turned out so good, I was inspired to want to learn more about gourmet cooking. I then married a man had put himself through grad school working as an assistant chef, and we had years of fun making fabulous gourmet meals for Sunday dinners! So, I have a long history of gourmet cooking. I have been collecting and developing these recipes for over thirty years. It really is not as hard as you might think to prepare gourmet recipes, and you can make great food at home for a third of the price you would pay in a restaurant.

To make food taste gourmet, you need not only a good recipe, but you have to pay attention to details. The size and type of pan you use, exactly what size and shape you chop your veggies, exactly how much oil you put in the pan and how much you heat the oil before adding the ingredients -- these little details make a big difference. So….. in the following recipes, I give detailed directions so your version of these recipes will taste just right.




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