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If traditional therapies have not helped you to successfully overcome recurrent episodes of depression, this booklet could change your life. It will help you achieve a very deep level of self awareness and then give you specific tools for using that awareness to overcome the thought patterns and behaviors that cause depression.

CHARITY WORK: How and Why to do it.
Being involved in some type of on-going charitable work is an important component to mental health and happiness. Participating in charity work adds a special meaning and purpose to your life.
Career Selection Tool
Deciding on the right occupation is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives. We devote more of our waking hours to work than any other area of our lives. Finding the right career takes some serious analysis. This tool will take several hours to complete, as it is meant to be very thorough. Feel free to work on it over several days so you can give it adequate focus and concentration. It will help you choose a career that matches your values, innate talents, strengths and weaknesses, lifestyle issues and income requirements.

Available June 2016

Find Your Path To Happiness
This little parable does a great job of describing how one embarks upon a path to happiness:
A little boy was fascinated with his grandfather's whittling projects. One day the boy walked up to his grandfather with a hunk of wood and said "Grandfather, how do I whittle this into a duck?" The grandfather replied: "That's easy son, you just cut away everything that doesn't look like a duck."
The process for achieving happiness is the same: You need to do an in-depth assessment of your life and then figure out how to whittle away everything that doesn't provide happiness. This booklet will introduce the principles of Integrative Therapy--a self-help system of psychotherapy. The user-friendly theory and techniques will help you rediscover your deepest values and goals and help you overcome any self-destructive thoughts or behavior patterns that keep you from reaching your full potential for happiness.

Phoenix Fire Ceremony (For letting of old anger/hurt)
The Phoenix Bird, in Greek Mythology, rises from its own ashes to be reborn. A Phoenix Fire Ceremony is designed to be used as a powerful self-help tool for letting go of old hurts, anger, or disappointments and being "reborn" without them. As a therapist, I have seen this be very effective.

FUN: How to get more in your life.
In this day and age it is far too easy to get caught up in a hectic life pace that does not allow enough time for fun, relaxation, social connection, exercise, creative endeavors etc. The first step towards incorporating more leisure time activities into your life, is getting in touch with what appeals to you. This comprehensive list of activities will help open your mind to new possibilities, and re-discover old forgotten joys and aspirations. Use this simple tool to set some short and long term goals for adding enriching activities to your life!

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